Self Directed Brokerage Account

Self Directed Brokage Account

Two types of self-directed brokerage accounts: Micro and Pro -

YES... we offer two types of self-directed brokerage accounts: Micro and Pro ---

Personal and company accounts on offer. Americans are gladly welcomed.

Micro accounts carry no trade costs except spread, and can be opened with as little as $100.

The ECN-MICRO account type is designed for traders new to the Forex market, and those needing to trade smaller volumes. Features include:

* Variable spreads starting from 1.8 pips for EURUSD
* Average EURUSD spread is 2.5 pips
* Commission-free trades
* Leverage from 1:1 up to 1:1000
* Minimum trade size is 0.01 lots
* Minimum account opening deposit is US$ 100 / EUR 100
* No dealing desk intervention
* Margin call / Stop-out levels: 150% / 100%
* No re-quotes
* Hedging allowed
* True ECN - liquidity provided by Integral via a Prime XM bridge

Accounts can only be funded by bank wire or credit/debit card at present, and additional funding options are in the process of being added. Just having the chance to deposit by credit card is an advantage for US residents as card funding is no longer permitted for US brokerages.

Pro accounts have a $6 / 100,000 trade commission ($3 to open, $3 to close) but much narrower spreads, and require $2,000 to open an account.

The ECN-PRO, raw-spread account provides the ideal trading conditions for professional and institutional traders alike. Features include:

* Variable spreads starting from 0.0 pips for EUR/USD
* Average EURUSD spread is 0.6 pips
* ECN commission of US$ 6 / 100,000 round turn
* Leverage from 1:1 up to 1:500
* Minimum trade size is 0.10 lots
* Minimum account opening deposit is US$ 2,000 / EUR 2,000
* No dealing desk intervention
* Margin call / Stop out levels: 150% / 100%
* No re-quotes
* Hedging allowed
* Pricing to 5 decimals
* True ECN - liquidity provided by Integral via a Prime XM bridge

As an incentive, we offer a 100% bonus scheme on all deposits - this is effectively an activity-based loyalty scheme that's internally funded. we would have to say that it's actually the most logical and genuine bonus scheme offered by any broker in the world - here's why:

100% Deposit Bonus

Make the most of every deposit with the brokerage firms 100% Deposit Bonus scheme!

This is new, this is big, and this is different:

* Get a 100% "matching bonus" on every deposit you make
* Bonus amounts are not added to your account balance - find out why below!
* Earn back each deposit as cash - simply trade a low, achievable volume
* Track your bonus qualification progress via the Bonuses page in your back-office (Funding menu)
* No time limit for qualification = no pressure... trade at your own pace
* No restrictions on withdrawing capital or profits
* Qualification progress cannot be "lost"

Why not add bonus amounts to the account balance?

Because adding bonus amounts to the balance of a trading account is a bad idea!

When bonus amounts are added to the account balance, the effect is to "fake" higher leverage, but since the brokerage firm offers leverage up to 1:1000, there is no need to do this.

In addition, account equity becomes "distorted" because bonus funds are not available to offset floating losses until those bonus funds have actually been earned. This means that Expert Advisors can open inappropriately-sized trades because the true equity of the account is unclear.

Finally, if bonus funds are added to the account balance, a withdrawal of capital unbalances the Deposit : Bonus ratio. This means that the bonus amount must either be revoked or, at best, reduced.

So, to avoid all of the above issues, our brokerage firm simply records each bonus amount separately - on the Bonuses page of the back-office.

This elegant solution (unique to our brokerage firm) ensures that trading is unaffected by the bonus scheme, and makes qualification for every bonus amount inevitable.

Even if you need to withdraw every cent from your trading account, your bonus qualification progress will be retained... and when you are ready to resume trading, just make a new deposit (which will also qualify for a bonus) and continue earning your bonuses from where you left off.

To top things off, we now offer all clients the option of a free VPS - a virtual, private server that they can use to run automated trading solutions ("EAs", also known as "Expert Advisors"). Automated trading has become immensely popular so the option of a VPS (which typically costs around $45 per month if rented directly) is a huge advantage. We have some basic details here:


To make the most of the MetaTrader 4 terminal when trading with our Expert Advisors, a fast and very stable internet connection is essential.

This is especially true when using our Expert Advisors that scalp and/or trade very frequently.

For this reason, our brokerage firm now offers the best possible VPS (Virtual Private Server) facilites:
• VPSs are located in the London Equinix data centre - the same data centre used for our trade servers, and home to most of our liquidity providers

• Latency is generally less than 1ms

• VPSs are available at no cost (subject to trading a minimal monthly volume)

Clients with a funded, personal live account (minimum $100 / Euro100) can request a VPS at any time via our brokerage firm's back-office.

As an alternative for less confident traders (or people who lack time to trade), we also have a varying list of money managers who list their schemes
on our site.

Our referral fee for this extraordinary service --- only US$249.95

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Thank you for your interest in our products and services.

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