PT Shamrock's Hall of SHAME!

"There's a sucker born every minute"
- PT Barnum

Update January 2020

Please note that most likely the people behind such web sites listed below, have closed or been closed down, for one reason or another, and likely have created new web sites using the same sales pitch, i.e. LOW cost 'legal' passports for sale, and other offers that are 'too good to be true,') etc.

In the event you click on the links below, you may see existing sites closed, re-directed or the domain for sale. Non the less the people behind these sites and scams are still out there prying on people "looking" for cheap 2nd passports.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true IT IS too good to be true.

Caveat Emptor and govern yourself accordingly.

New - Savings & Loan Scam

Be careful about any so called organization/firm from South America that claims they can offer you an anonymous Savings & Loan at a low cost. A customer alerted us that they were ripped off and provided all the material to prove their claim. This nefarious firm does NOT have any web site and uses a email address, so that's the first warning sign. Although the firm did get a company for this client, the internet banking didn't work, the client couldn't withdraw and retrieve their money on their ATM/Debit card. The firm refused to refund the customer. Govern yourself accordingly.

Passports Scam Advisory!

Persons seeking to protect their privacy, looking to become resident abroad or requiring a second citizenship for any number of legitimate reasons, are subject to being ripped off by unscrupulous, yet clever thieves. Whilst there remain a rare few honest providers and consultants, there are no shortage of crooks in the world.

One sure tale tell sign of a potential rip off is a passport offer that seems just too good to be true, i.e. an unrealistically low price for a European Union, Diplomatic or ANY passport offer, e.g. US$15,000, US$10,000 or even lower. Another tip off should be a web site hosted FREE or the site in question use of a FREE e-mail browser client, i.e. Hotmail, Yahoo,, etc. Further a new web site might, and we might, mean it has a potential to be a rip off. A check at WHOIS at Verisign should reveal when the domain was actually created.

Also a peek at the internet archive at www. archive .org and by placing the web sites url into the way back machine will reveal approximately how long the site has been around. Though not ALL new web sites are crooked, when dealing with passports and such at a hefty cost, it should set off alarm bells and whistles and you should proceed, if at all, with extreme caution.

First know that there aren't any legitimate European Union passports for sale period. Second any serious legitimate citizenship offer today (excluding a banking passport,) will start from US$55,000 and up and would be from a Central or South American country. Thirdly to the best of our knowledge, there are only two legitimate diplomatic appointment/passport programs in the world. Both are from stable third world UN countries and the cost starts Eur 150,000. See diplomatic passports for further particulars.

One of the latest scams is the cloning and unauthorized use of an offshore providers web site. One of our competitors (an honest one,) has recently contacted us and informed us that they had their web site hijacked and cloned. Unsuspecting customers are directed to the cloned site instead of the REAL site. For example, instead of going to the real web site, for example, they are instructed to go to or, etc.

However because there are some bad people out there using serious "IP Spoofing," e-mail address faking has occurred. Therefore causing some to believe that they are actually communicating with the real www.realsite (example name only,) to later find out the real truth – only when it’s too late. Fortunately this has not been the case with PT Shamrock. As the world is full of crooks, one must ALWAYS proceed with caution.

You know you are dealing with the one and only PT Shamrock when you send an e-mail to and we reply to you from that same e-mail address with your e-mail copied in the text.

Important Information
The information contained herein is by no means the definitive list of every con man offering questionable residency, passport or other offshore programs. It will, however, give you an excellent idea on how some crooks perpetrate their frauds on innocent people and their modus operandi.

These crooks naturally, hurt the honest providers and consultants and everyone loses except the recidivists. We offer this information in hopes of shining light on how these scoundrels operate and more important, how you can protect yourself from becoming a potential victim.

Whilst their names and web sites change, their modus operandi doesn't. Therefore before you purchase anything from Dr. Georg Adem, Dr. Andrew Weber, Dr. Eric Hoffmann, Dr. Paul Payne, Dr. Markus Simonsen, or anyone, please read the information below VERY carefully. Names change but their crooked modus operandi doesn't!

Caveat Emptor!

PT Shamrock

Most but not all of the above urls are no longer working, thank goodness. However like a cockroach they'll be gone for a while, but you can be sure they'll reappear in one form an other sometime in the near future. There is no shortage of crooks in this world! is a particularly nasty little site that steals people's money, whilst making residency and citizenship offers that don't exist. Case in point is their German citizenship and their Spanish residency offers. We suggest you jog on down to your nearest German or Spanish consulate and see if any such program exists! Remember, if it sounds too good to be true IT IS too good to be true.

Another classic example of a rip off site is:

This site offers low cost passports, which we guarantee you'll never receive. The low cost is to attract those who only think about price. The lower the better, so the greed gets the better of the customer and the only thing you'll get is a good f**king!

Another tell tale sign of a rip off is that the above site is hosted by a FREE web host. Don't believe us? Then check out Just take "second passports" out of the domain name and viola, there is a FREE web hosting service. Now why would any legitimate operator use a FREE ISP to host a serious business like second passports? Easy, to steal your money! Even if they were legit, which is highly unlikely, what kind of service would you expect from a person/business that can't afford or won't spend money on a real web hosting service?

More tell tale signs of a rip off.

An alert browser sent us the following mail dated 22 November 2003:
"Shamrock - Quite interesting to put in the hall of shame, that Dr. Andrew Weber also calls himself Dr. Paul Payne. See which has the same contact info as at

Won Privacy Consultants
70191 Stuttgart
Germany - Europe

Regards from A"

PT Shamrock urges all browsers to read the information contained within this site so you can be informed as to how these crooks and con men operate. Be exceedingly careful and aware of ANYONE, using any name that makes similar offers that sound too good to be true with low costs and fast passports or residency programs, and or uses or tries to use similar modus operandi to steal your money.

Do not be fooled or tricked by so-called OFFSHORE experts and or web sites who have plagiarized PT Shamrock's web site and written material. PT Shamrock only authorized a select few legal re-sellers. If in doubt e-mail us and we'll let you know whether or not a particular site has stolen or used our material without our permission.

PT Shamrock would be remiss if we didn't warn our viewers about bad suppliers, rip off artists and con men. Unlike others who would take your money and run, PT Shamrock would rather lose your business than to lie or mislead you about our products and services!

Caveat Emptor!!!

Click here for MORE Hall of Shame Honors.

It may be a good idea to bookmark or mark this page as one of your favorites so you can keep an eye out for those who would take your money and not produce what you contracted for!

Dateline: 22 November 2004
We have been receiving numerous reports of a certain so called credit - ATM supplier allegedly based in Scandinavia, We are pleased to inform our browsers that these crooks web site has been shut down. (2017 update - this domain is now for sale.)

Their customers have been emailing us telling us they've been ripped off. To the best of our knowledge there is only ONE bank source that provides a no name, no ID ATM card. And there is only one source that provides a no name, no ID Virtuon credit card, and PT Shamrock offers both of those cards for sale to the public.

In any event, the age old adage "if it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true," is sound advice. Be advised crooks like Ekasse are like cockroaches. They're here today, gone tomorrow, and will reappear to rip off more customers. Unrealistic prices for any privacy products like credit or ATM cards and passports should be your first tip off that something is not right. Maintaining your anonymity and privacy comes at a price. You either pay for the privacy from the reliable suppliers, or get ripped off paying crooks. It's your call!

- Update: Winter 2004:
Be warned! Making the rounds are e-mail's allegedly coming from someone in Spain that 'guarantees' Western European Passports from US$9,000 to US$14,000 in 14 days. And, surprise, surprise, if you pay an extra $3,5000, the EC passport can be yours in 7 days.

We immediately shredded the mail and you should too. You can't possibly obtain a legal passport within that time frame and at that price. This type of passport scam is becoming as common place as the Nigerian scams mentioned elsewhere.

- If it sounds too good to be true ... IT is too good to be true.

Dateline: 28 March 2007

PT Shamrock has been warning browsers for sometime now about unscrupulous web sites offering products, especially second passports, at what appears to be bargain basement prices. One of many such sites,, which we have been warning readers about for sometime now, was brought to our attention once again just recently. How they have managed to stay online for 4 years is beyond us. If you have been ripped off by this site, you should contact their ISP, inform them of your problem with proof of sending your funds to them and have their site taken down. Don't get mad, get even!

A browser alerted us that, had a recent warning issued about one of its 'legal' passports programs.

An article at says, "In a recent statement, Antigua and Barbuda High Commissioner Ronald Sanders has issued a warning about a fraudulent web site, [,] which claims to sell passports and economic citizenship to the Caribbean nation." is offering passports from ANTIGUA & BARBUDA for US$25,000. However once again this is an illegal offering and a scam to rip you off.

This site also offers diplomatic passports for as little as US$10,000 and only US$20,000 from the European Union. This is simply not possible and they are just prying on the ignorance of potential victims who are looking for something they hope is available, but is not. The only thing a person who parts with their money will get from these crooks is a good screwing as anything that sounds too good to be true, is too good to be!

- Dateline: 16th April 2003

An alert reader, thanks to our hall of shame web URL, alerted us to, once again, another copy cat, i.e. unauthorized persons having plagiarized our web site. Worse the prices mentioned for the products at the sites for the products they're allegedly offering are simply TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

We know this market very well indeed and with our years of insider contacts, they tell us it is NOT possible to obtain such legal or even gray market items for such low prices. They are tempting web browsers greed with low, cheap prices for products they can't and will never deliver.

The offenders? (This Account has been suspended.) (This domain is now closed and redirected to another url.)

Anyone foolish enough to part with their money is more likely to see it grow wings and disappear, rather than receive anything other than lies and excuses for non delivery. Caveat Emptor!

Latest Georg Adem Rip off

- Saturday, March 22, 2003, 4:50:53 PM, you wrote:

Dear PT Shamrock,

I unfortunately sent money to PTBookstore and was ripped off. Below is detailed account of what happened.

12-15-02 Visited web site; placed order.
12-20-02 Mailed money order to Canada
1-14-03 Sent e-mail to web site asking for order
1-17-03 They respond. Say they mailed Interpol book and provided a link to substitute for Paper Trip book.
1-17-03 I said forget it. I paid for both books and want both books mailed to me. I'm a writer and need the hard copies.
1-29-03 They said don't be picky.
1-29-03 I tell them to mail both books. Ask how long does it take to receive order as it has been over a month.
1-30-03 They said I should of received order and will investigate.
2-2-03 They come up with this BS story. Here it is in quotes, "Phewwww, through some informative channels I found out you/your mailbox are under surveillance by the feds. They intercept your mail, probably they have confiscated your books. Be prepared! Nothing more I can do for the moment."
2-3-03 I tell them that I know they are lying and if I don't receive my order in one week I will report them to the Canadian Police.
2-6-03 No word from them or order received.
2-6-03 Contact Canadian Police: S/D Robert Demers. Give him complete details on scam.
2-20-03 Fill out e-mail form and e-mail Robert Back. He is blowing me off, too.
3-21-03 Filed complaint with FBI online

So Shamrock all I can say is that I wish I would have ran across your web site sooner!

Here is the money order receipt that was paid.

Hope this will help some other person from being ripped off by 'Doctor' Adem!

The Broadcasting Training Program/MIBTP
PO Box 67132, Century City, CA 90067

- Dateline - January 16th, 2003 - Passport Scams

Dr. Georg Adem aka Dr. Andrew Weber and other villainous names!

The crook/s using, amongst other names, Dr. Georg Adem and/or Dr. Andrew Weber has been defrauding people using passport scams for years.

Anyone considering obtaining a PASSPORT from any party on these *Hall of Shame* pages, should VERY SERIOUSLY consider NOT doing business unless you have conducted a thorough due diligence and are 100% satisfied you'll receive what you are going to contract for. At the very least, one should conduct a web search at GOOGLE (below) for the person and or business you inquire about.

Search WWW Search

Where there is smoke, there is normally fire. Over the years PT Shamrock has received dozens of complaints about persons being ripped off by this person/s. Now Dr. Georg Adem apparently has reinvented himself at this 'new' web site: and/or

In the event these sites are closed down by the time you read this (and we hope they are,) you're not home free. Mostly likely these crooks have opened shop at another web site and are stealing money from others victims.

We are pleased that we have helped in some small way to prevent browsers from being ripped off by these crooks. Several of the web sites mentioned on these *Hall of Shame* pages have been shut down and rightly so.

We urge you in the strongest possible terms to avoid these persons/sites or proceed and place your money at peril.

Please read the e-mail we received on January 5th, 2003 from yet another person who was ripped off by Dr. Georg Adem. We have several other mails with copies of bank wires stating they have been defrauded by person or persons listed on this page.

Do govern yourself accordingly.

"Dear PT Shamrock:

I would like to bring to your attention another of Dr. Georg Adem scams, which managed to rip me of $16,000 dollars.

Following the money trail, I found out they use and to scam people. Here is the bank instructions that they provided:


Basically they use x-changers account, and deposited the money into Evocash.. Please warn others about this scam, and thank you for the *Hall of Shame* idea, which should hopefully stop people from getting robbed by these losers

with best regards

- PT Shamrock's Hall of Shame - Plagiarized web site is in the news!

- Dateline- June 2002:

An associate, contrary to our sound advice, went for a passport offer that was TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. A Greek (EU) passport program for US$8,000. The result? He lost US$80,000, since there was a minimum requirement of ten orders to secure the 'product' at that price. 50% up front, and the balance upon receipt of 'scanned' copies. Naturally anyone with half a brain can use Photoshop, Adobe or any similar photo editing program and edit a plausible passport that looks REAL! Upon receipt of the scanned copies, off went the balance; the associate's money grew wings and disappeared forever. The sad part about this is that PT Shamrock WARNED HIM AGAINST DOING THIS! Why don't people take our advice?

The name used for the above fraud? Dr. Andrew Weber, aka Dr. Georg Adem, aka and

Our associate is no idiot and is savvy to the ways of the world. Since he is an honest provider, he'll make good on the refunds from the ten customers who ordered from him. So if a world-wise offshore provider can be taken to the cleaners, what chance do you have?

A DAMN GOOD chance of NOT being ripped off if you bookmark and continue to read PT Shamrock's Hall of Shame and subscribe to our PT Buzz (free) newsletter. Just send an e-mail to: Free Subscription.

We are receiving one to two complaints per week about passport rip-offs, mainly from the persons named on our Hall of Shame pages. BE WARNED!

In addition, several Internet browsers were kind enough to bring to our attention the web site of one Dr. Andrew Weber, and

Please note that our colleague, Dr. Seymour Samson denies ANY and all association with and or Dr. Andrew Weber aka Dr. Georg Adem and says that the web site is illegally using his name for a quote, and more likely than not, the others quoted as well.

You'd be wise to spread the word about this crook to as many associates as you possibly can.

They say imitation is the best form of flattery, but an outright word for word plagiarized site is stealing pure and simple. In fact Weber was so lazy and stupid he even left our name on one of his web pages (see below!)

If a so-called 'offshore-provider' like Andrew Weber steals from someone's hard work such as PT Shamrock's and uses unauthorized quotes from HONEST offshore consultants, they will most assuredly steal from customers, who in good faith pay for products and services that may never be delivered.

At the site Weber is using quotes stolen from our site, but NEVER authorized by any of the persons he claims.

This person and web site are as crooked as a snake in a road! Anyone foolish enough to deal with these people are going to lose ALL THEIR MONEY!

Take a look at one of Dr. Webers nefarious passport offers:


NEW! As of August 2001 we have a new Asian program! For only USD 4,000 it includes passport, driver license and national ID. This is the best deal we have so far, and the travel opportunities are excellent!"

The above should set off the alarm bells. First ANY passport program for US$4,000 (other than an African document) is HIGHLY suspect. Even if there was a misquote on the price and the price should have read US$40,000, THERE IS NO SUCH SINGAPORE program.

Don't believe us? Then contact your nearest Singapore consulate and ask them!

Be warned and stay as far away from Dr. Andrew Weber as your wallet can afford! Once a crook, always a crook! Here's to the "ORIGINALS" in the world!

WE are totally, definitely and without question opposed to such charlatans as Dr. Weber as they bring the honest providers unwanted and negative attention along with placing a sour taste and bad perspective in those seeking the honest providers on the Internet.

PT Shamrock's E-mail's to Dr. Weber went unanswered. Our e-mail's to Weber's ISP and the result:


We bring to your attention the fact that one of the web sites you are hosting has illegally stolen and plagiarized material from our web site, The site I refer to, which you are hosting is: run by one Dr. Andrew Weber.

In fact they even left our name, PT SHAMROCK on one of the plagiarized web pages you host, i.e. with THEIR text as written below:

"You never know your spouse (or anyone) until you see them in court! In today's sue first, steal your money world, you are a potential target from lawyers, ex-spouses and the TERROCRATS! Become anonymous and make your assets invisible with the secrets used by the super rich to protect your wealth legally."Thank you for your interest in our offshore consulting service. Our offshore experts are heads and shoulders above the rest. Though - PT Shamrock - (our emphasis) is not a party to your consulting, we personally know, used and recommend our experts for many years. They are trustworthy, honest and most important ... they deliver the goods! They have never lost any of our client funds in the more than 10-years they have been assisting persons offshore. Their advice and services includes, but is not limited to:".

End of plagiarized web url.

The above url is only one of numerous pages and written materials and product offerings that you are hosting for this web site that has illegally and without our permission been plagiarized. Our web site is copyrighted and we will take whatever necessary actions to protect our good name and copyrighted material. Please resolve this problem immediately before we are forced to take the appropriate action necessary to protect our interests. We are sure that you were unaware of the above, and therefore give you legal notice to cease and desist the plagiarized copyrighted material being hosted by your firm from our web site. Please act accordingly.

We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest.

PT Shamrock

Post note; Subsequent to the above article being written, the ISP deleted our name from the site. However overall the site has stolen much material from us. After repeatedly requesting to cease and desist ...

The result?

The IPCBelize people simply refused to apologize or acknowledge they plagiarized our site and use unauthorized quotes from HONEST consultants! The question?

So the bottom line? Are IPCBelize crooks or a genuine offshore provider? You decide for yourself, then place your money where your mouth is with your answer.

They stole our material and will more likely than not do that to others, maybe even YOUR money! Fortunately the good news is that these scum bag crooks' site is no longer working, i.e.

The bad news is most likely they have opened another similar site and are back at stealing money from folks you you!

Happy offshore hunting and never forget: caveat emptor!

PT Shamrock

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It may be a good idea to bookmark or mark this page as one of your favorites so you can keep an eye out for those who would take your money and not produce what you contracted for!

If you've had some provider rip you off and can document your claim, please send us an e-mail at: PT Shamrock and place - Hall of Shame - in the subject heading.

Remember the age old adage; "A wise man learns from his own mistakes, a genius learns from the mistakes of others."

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