Privacy Tools


We are happy to share with our fellow privacy seeker's privacy tools we feel may be of interest to you. Should you know of a site that you feel would be of interest to fellow privacy seekers, please e-mail and let us know. Enjoy!

  • The Anonymizer
    Many people use the Internet under the illusion that their actions are private and anonymous. Unfortunately, it isn't so. Every time you visit a site, you leave a calling card that reveals where you come from, what kind of computer you have, and other details about your identity and viewing habits. Most sites keep logs of all your visits. In many cases, this keeping of records may violate your right to privacy. Now, Anonymizer provides more than just anonymous web surfing. Anonymizer E-mail gives the world easy-to-use access to high security anonymous e-mail. Stay tuned for new services, right around the corner: anonymous web publishing under United States free speech laws, anonymous dial up in hundreds of major U.S. cities and Canada! Secure protection of your Anonymizer connection, and large-scale licensing of the Anonymizer server.
  • Maildropnet
    An excellent source of private mail drops worldwide.
  • J2 Communications
    Your own Jfax number in any of 44 cities around the world is yours from $12.50 per month. Receive faxes in anonymity. Just prepay one year in advance by postal money orders. In addition you can send faxes starting at 10 cent's each, yes that's right a plain old dime. Helpful staff bends over backwards to assist you. Also you can receive voice e-mail messages.
  • FaxMail
    Fax FREE worldwide legally! Most countries covered. Send your e-mail messages to most fax machines around the world. What's the catch? A short advert from the Internet Service Provider arrives with your message. One of the best deals on the Internet.
  • The International PGP Home Page
    Download and use the latest version of PGP for the international-non US based PT. PGP is the encryption program for all PT's and privacy seekers. Easy to install and use in minutes. Best of all it's free!
  • Digital Mail
    Digital Mail offers Personal Numbers FREE to anyone. They allow you to pick a telephone number from the web - What does FREE mean? * No connection charge * No rental charge * No usage charge. In fact, no charges to you at all! Personal Numbers are UK telephone numbers that can be diverted to any fixed or mobile UK telephone. As you move around, you can change the destination number by calling the control system and keying it in. This means that you can give out one number that can follow you wherever you go.
  • F-Secure Desktop by Data Fellows of Finland
    F-Secure Desktop by Data Fellows of Finland (European Site) There are many access control and security packages on the market, but none of them is so easy to use that your people would trust it and install it on their computers. F-Secure Desktop removes the complexity and provides an easy, flexible and FREE, but strong-encryption solution that will effectively protect your company's information assets. With Desktop, you can encrypt/decrypt files, directories, and Windows 95 and NT 4.0 folders automatically during the starting and closing of Windows. Desktop is by far the easiest and strongest way to protect the sensitive information on your laptops and PCs. F-Secure by DataFellows, is FREEWARE. It is an easy to use desktop/file encryption program. Secure your files and other private data from other people at home, office or on the road with your laptop. This Finnish company's help line is very helpful as well, even with their FREE F-Secure Freeware program. Recommended...
  • Hushmail
    One of many free E-mail address' on the net today. For PT's we advise signing up at a cyber cafe NOT near where you live. You don't want those cookies in your laptop do you? Alternatively use the anonymizer above to get your free e-mail at Hushmail and every time you check your e-mail. offers encryption to another Hushmail e-mail addresses.
  • Alta Vista One
    It is one of the best free services on the net, period. Translates e-mail from English into French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish in seconds! Also translates messages from French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish into English. A must have for all PT's!!! Also search the web for documents in ANY language.
  • PGP Download Site
    An excellent for downloading various versions of pgp. Check it out!