Transfer Account

The Transfer Account

If you want to re-structure your taxes, to collect your investment payout's offshore, to hide your assets from meddlesome creditors, this transfer account is for you!

This is a turnkey operation.

Here is a unique opportunity that is called a "transfer account." These "transfer accounts" are an existing company and company bank account/s in various offshore jurisdictions previously opened with the owners notarized passport copy, utility bill, bank reference letters, and even Skype interviews, as required with many bank account openings these days.

The Lord works in mysterious ways!

The person or persons who originally setup the account might have fallen on hard times and currently requires funds for any number of reasons, retirement, a divorce, etc.. As a result of their current financial situation, they are willing to transfer their company and bank account, for a fee, lock, stock and barrel to a ready, willing, able and serious buyer.

These accounts have been up and running for several years already with funds on deposit. Everything is easily 'transferred' to another party without the requirement of that person having to produce any ID or other 'normal' bank compliance requirements within one to two business days from the time cleared funds are received and credited for the transfer account. You read that right NO ID required!

The internet account log in details, passwords, codes, etc. are emailed (via encrypted email) to the purchaser of said account within 24 hours from the time cleared funds are credited from the purchaser. The new owner simply changes the passwords and codes and thereafter has sole control over the company and account. The purchaser simply carries on as if nothing happened. Company papers, security tokens (if any) and any debit card/s are dispatched 1 to 2 working day funds are received via courier to any place in the world.

All transfer account companies are from non-reporting countries, i.e. jurisdictions that do NOT require annual filings of any sort.

This particular ready to turn over Transfer Account offers a tax free offshore company and a company financial account with internet banking and banking via dual pass-codes. The cost is Eur 4,999. Turn over time is immediate.

Full support from the seller is included for the first 90 days in the event any assistance is operating the account is required.

No Lookie Loo's, time wasters or Walter Mitty types please!

Naturally the name of the companies and bank names cannot be disclosed for obvious reasons. That said if you're a serious person, we'll be happy to let you know which jurisdiction a
particular company and its bank are located by return email.

Nominal amounts are on deposit with the accounts to keep them activate.

Transfer accounts come with internet banking operated via banking codes and or token security devices (looks like a small calculator which is used to authenticate online banking, with the exception of one financial account at Euro 4,999, including bank codes and internet banking. This particular financial account is operated at a no questions asked financial source and is operated via internet banking with easy to follow instructions. An easy to copy signature, the owner's details and full current account operating instructions are included for the successful operation of the account/s.

Other transfer account are possible and the time and jurisdictions vary, from within Asia and the Central America locale.

Although transfer accounts are not cheap (expect to pay in the neighborhood from Euro 4,999K to 14,999 per account, they are totally anonymous. Set up or hand over time varies depending on the jurisdiction. If interested email for the modalities.

All accounts above are company accounts and use company names as the sending and receiving beneficiary.

Security tokens will be dispatched to you via courier service anywhere in the world within 3 working days from the time cleared funds are received and credited.

Usage of Internet-Bank System is free of charge for Corporate individuals.

Internet-banking system allows:

  • To obtain information about the current account status
  • To perform transfers through the current account
  • To perform currency exchange
  • To receive account statements for the account operations
  • To communicate with the Bank via messages
  • To search in the payments archive (by payment type, by payment date and by beneficiary)
  • Wires in and out via S.W.I.F.T.

Your account is protected from unauthorized access. Included is a bank code signing device DIGIPASS that is used for login and payment issuing. The account opening process is easy: we offer fast, reliable and Corporate step-by-step instructions. You may use our secure on-line order form to pay for your order. Notarised passport copy, utility bill less than three months old and all your current up to date company papers are required for opening purposes along with a bankers reference and notarised document copies.

We accept Bank Wire Transfer, MoneyGram or Western Union.

Please DO NOT ask us for the name of the bank is located. Due to contractual agreement we are unable to comply with such requests until we receive a paid order. This is also done to protect the integrity of the bank program as this bank is located in one of the few remaining Corporate havens in the world. ---------- Click here to order NOW! -----------

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E-mail FOR FASTEST PAYMENT METHOD! Ask about our Western Union or MoneyGram remittance Programs! We use and recommend pgp. Our key is located at: PT Shamrock's pgp key.

Please note: For fastest service, after you remit payment, e-mail a clean and clear copy of your passport via GIF or JPEG format to us at