Bank Account, Western European and Cash Card

TWO Western European Bank Accounts with Internet Banking and a Visa Card!

PT Shamrock's leprechaun has done it once again! First time offered on the Net! Two Western European bank accounts, with easy to use Internet banking and a cash (ATM) card.

Stop the Press!

These accounts are NOT from the former eastern European block, i.e. Estonia, Latvia, etc. They're located in 5 star banking locales with internet banking and a cash card in a Western European country.

No notarizations or utility bills required! Cost is just Euro 995 plus an opening deposit that YOU send direct to the bank.

As you realize easy to open banking opportunities are rapidity dwindling due to arcane money laundering laws and 9/11/2001. These two Western European bank accounts come with a cash card and Internet banking and are an extremely RARE offer in today's world; an offer not likely to be found elsewhere on the Net! These accounts offer the most flexible of all worlds.

Like all our other banking opportunities that Shamrock's leprechaun has found for our customers over the years, the window of opportunity does NOT last long. The rules change and NEW clients are turned down. However those who were astute and got in on the ground floor when the opportunity arose, were grand fathered in and still have accounts with banks that no longer accept new clients under easy terms, if at all.

Western European bank option one:

This famous Scandinavian bank offers excellent investment opportunities. We originally offered to our customers for US$3000 as our fee. OUR fee today, just Eur995. Opening deposit required is US$25,000.

Western European bank option TWO:
A low profile Swiss bank, that will open an account for you with just �uro 995 as your opening deposit. You must courier your passport to our Swiss agent, who will show the bank your passport and return it to you the same day received via courier.

This account offers great flexibility with the prestige of banking in Switzerland.

We really mean it when we state the following:

"This may be your very last opportunity to open an easy to obtain Western European bank account, with absolute minimal requirements and a low opening deposit."

All you need to get your bank account number and particulars with this red hot bank account is:

1. An introduction fee of Euro (�)995 PER account (one only) payable through PT Shamrock.
2. A scanned or faxed copy to PT Shamrock of your passport, clearly showing your name, passport number, date of birth, place and date of issue and nationality, etc.
3. An address, e-mail address and telephone number, as the bank may call you. A mobile number is okay, but it MUST be from the country your address is located in.

Please do not ask for the name of the bank or the country it's located in, as all such inquires will be ignored until and unless we receive a fully paid order from you and all of the above requirements met by you and sent to PT Shamrock.

To reiterate, here's what you get:

1. A Western European bank account
2. Easy to use Internet banking
3. Cash or ATM card
4. Account can be in Euro, USD, GBP, CHF, AUD, NZD, Yen and most other currencies. Please specify at time of ordering.
5 . Very fast turn around time. You'll have your bank account number and application forms within 2 working days from the time Shamrock receive's all of the above.

If you require a mail drop with a contact phone/fax number for bank use, add Euro 400 and we'll arrange the address for your bank and other use, for you. Includes Euro 30 for postage deposit.

To order your personal or company Western European Bank Account, with Visa Electron credit/cash card and Internet banking, send a mail and place "Western Europe Bank" in the subject heading.

To pay by Bank wire, BitCoin, MoneyGram, MoneyBookers/Skrill or Western Union please proceed to and order immediately from our secure on-line order form.

Your order code is "Anon Mobile." Your privacy strictly guaranteed!