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A little about us - We are pleased to announce that 2020 sees our 24th year on the internet, and our 26th year publishing our privacy newsletter PTBuzz, having served thousands of satisfied customers. To the best of our knowledge PT Shamrock is the oldest and longest existing privacy provider on the Internet. Please verify this by going to the "Way Back Machine" at http://www.archive.org/ and place our web address www.ptshamrock.com into the "Take Me Back" box and click search.

We've been in business for more than 50 years and on the Internet since April 1996, longer than any other privacy site! Our free newsletter PTBuzz, has been published electronically continuously bi-monthly since our first bulletin newsletter in 1994.

Our longevity is a testament to our success and our commitment to service our customers. We've accomplished this by assisting thousands of satisfied customers over many years in business with honest, reliable and above average service, whilst offering the best products, reports and services, with our no nonsense advice, all at a fair price.

The four leaf clover in our logo above, although not a shamrock, has been a heirloom in our family for a very long time indeed.

My father gave it to mother when they discovered she was pregnant. My mother left it to me when she passed away and I'll pass it onto my heirs and hopefully they to theirs and so on...

Our logo, the four leaf clover, represents longevity, continuity, honesty, tenacity and stability with PT Shamrock. We promise to continue to live up to those standards whilst servicing your requirements as we have with thousands of satisfied customers during these many past years. We trust you realize how important this is to the PT Shamrock family, which we endeavor for you to become a part of.

What can we do for you? - At first glance the information, products and services contained herein might appear to be a bit overwhelming to start with. There's lots of free information at this/your site so allow us to lay out the areas of potential interest for you.

A good first place to peruse might be our INSTANT PRIVACY REPORTS, which of course are absolutely free. Just click on the highlighted area above and you'll be taken to a mind-boggling and copiousness offering of excellent information and free reports.

Another stop should be a visit to our BOOKSTORE, which offers the best privacy related books and reports bar none.

Another area of interest might be our OFFSHORE CENTRE. There's lots of goodies to be found and researched there.

If you're in need of an offshore company and or bank account, then CLICK HERE. PT Shamrock offers no stress, no aggravation, no frustration and no nonsense bank accounts and companies from around the world.

If you are looking for the latest products and services a good peruse HERE will most certainly sort you.

And for the bargain hunters out there, check back often at our SPECIAL OFFERS url.

If second nationalities and passports sparks your fancy, then a visit to 2ND PASSPORTS is a must!

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