Western Europe Nationality & Residency Program

Western Europe Nationality & Residency Program

PT Shamrock Limited is an information provider on legal Nationality and Residency programs. We currently represent a few select approved "RESIDENCY" Programs as referral agents for the countries following.

Please be advised that PT Shamrock does "NOT" sell PASSPORTS!

As per our agreement with the respective countries and their issuing authorities we are not able to disclose the exact name of each country at this time. As referral agents we are entrusted with the responsibility of screening the possible applicants carefully. Upon our satisfaction that a potential applicant is genuinely interested we will refer you to the appropriate source who will handle your requirements. They will disclose the name of the country in question. Those interested parties that are serious respect our position and determination to screen out the "merely curious" and the "time wasting lookie-loos." This information is for the seriously interested only.

Please do not waste your time and ours. We repeat, we DO NOT SELL PASSPORTS! We act as a referral agent for the CONTACT only, not the contract! Source is owned by an association of international lawyers and specialists in order to provide the most private and up to date services available. They have been involved with offshore consulting for the last 20 years, with complete confidentiality guaranteed by, "Attorney Client Privilege". Please be prepared to provide proof of funds and pay our referral fee of Eur 1,000 PRIOR to our placing you in contact with source. Sorry NO EXCEPTIONS!

Following you will find "examples" of what locales may or may not be available. These locales and prices are subject to change without notice.

Western European Residency Program!

This brand new residency program leads to naturalization, i.e. citizenship with a valuable western European Union passport in a few short years! In brief you are required to travel to this European country to establish legal residence, obtain your resident papers, documents and tax ID number, etc. You should plan on a week to ten working days to accomplish this.

For a preliminary application, please remit Euro Eur1000 and contact me, "Mick" Adams by facsimile at international dialing code + 353 1 633 5083 or Reach us via e-mail

The total cost of this residency program is Eur10,000 and, naturally, your Eur1000 preliminary application fee is applied towards this should you elect to proceed.

DO NOT ask us for the name of the country. This will be disclosed when you have submitted your preliminary application and after we receive your Eur1000 fee. Any inquires requesting the name or other information's about this residency program PRIOR to our receiving the Eur1000 fee will be disregarded. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please do not waste our time and yours otherwise!

This is a serious program for serious parties only. Please see our Residency & Citizenship Disclaimer.

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Country by Country Comparison Chart

Country Program Fee Delivery Time Family Plan Military Duty? Points of Interest
West Africa
(not South Africa)
Eur 10,000 4 weeks spouse, children same price
NOT recommended for traveling purposes due to severe visa requirements for nearly every country. However, it is an excellent "banking passport," with name change possible.
SOUTH EAST ASIA Eur 6,500 up to 3 months
Free to Asian Countries, Perfect for Banking.
EU "VISA FREE" CITIZENSHIP PROGRAM Eur 45,000 up to 3 months 15,400 Spouse and each child over 18. For each child under 18 deduct Eur1,000
This Central American travel document offers Visa Free to the UK, most Schengen states, Switzerland, Japan and Scandinavia.
CENTRAL AMERICA Eur 45,000 1 to 2 months 15,400 Spouse and each child over 18, same for each child under 18.
Offering visa free travel to 113 countries including the UK, CH, EC and Japan
South America Eur 65,000 4 to 10 weeks Eur20,000.00 per additional family member
Difficult to secure but a real winner. Visa free travel to 123 countries including all of the European Union.
DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT Eur 100,000+ 3-6 months depending on the appointment
ACCREDITED DIPLOMAT FOR THE UNITED NATIONS Formal Title of Special Counselor to the United Nations. Includes appointment and passport. Must travel to country to accept appointment!
Class AAA Document Eur 70,000
up to six months

A very rare offer indeed and they do not occur often. Strictly limited quota available. Offers excellent visa free travel world-wide and Europe.

PT Shamrock does not sell passports. We must request that all inquiries be from serious potential applicants ONLY!

Proof of funds and our referral fee of Eur1,000 is required before we put you in contact with source.

The names of the countries are not disclosed. Please do NOT ask for the names of the countries until you have provided proof of funds and paid our introduction fee. Sorry no exceptions. All passport documents are obtained via the naturalization process and are fully renewable for life, legalized and registered in all government computers. Legal name changes, and Family Programs may be available. Funds (less legal costs) are held in escrow until documents procured. To find out more about any of the programs listed above please contact us

Panama Residency Program

For full particulars on these excellent residency program click
Panamanian Residency Program

You can contact us via e-mail

Western European Residency Program

This brand new residency program leads to naturalization, i.e. citizenship with a valuable western European Union passport in a few short years! In brief you are required to travel to this European country to establish legal residence, obtain your resident papers, documents and tax ID number, etc. You should plan on a week to ten working days to accomplish this.

Costa Rica Residency Programs

Resident Investor Status

  1. Invest at least;
    a) US$50,000 with an approved organization in a field such as tourism or export businesses.
    b) US$60,000 in a reforestation project.
    c) US$100,000 in another types of business.
  2. Visit Costa Rica at least once a year.

Requirement for obtaining Resident Investor Status-These are the requirements for obtaining resident Investor status, as granted by the National Immigration Department.

Upon receipt of the proper documentation and full payment the client is assured they will receive their residency status. The client does not have to wait to see if the investment needs Government approved. Nonrestrictive: This means the applicant is not restricted to working only in the field the investment was made in, as is the case in many "Resident Investor Status". The applicant can work in any type of endeavors in Costa Rica. The only exception would be where there are licenses required. An example would be a Doctor would have to obtain a license to practice medicine.

  1. US$50,000 minimum investment is required,in full. (Documentation required by the legal department.)
  2. Photo copies of all pages of the passport.
  3. The following documents.
    a) Birth certificate
    b) Police record-valid for at least three months from the date of issue.
    c) Marriage certificate (if married.)
    These documents must be authenticated individually by the Costa Rican Consulate nearest to the place of their issuance.
  4. If the applicant has changed citizenship, a certificate of naturalization must be presented duly authenticated by the nearest Costa Rican Consulate.
  5. Eight front and four-side passport size (2.4cm X 3cm)photographs taken recently.

Copies and translations of the above mentioned documents are not necessary. Children who do not bear the last name of the resident investor (i.e. children who have not been legally adopted by the husband) will not be accepted as his dependents. It is possible for the mother to become a resident investor in her own right and claim the children as her dependents. The above mentioned documents must be submitted for the Resident Investor and each of is dependents individually.

The first three documents are required for all types of residency in Costa Rica.

  1. Police Certificate of good conduct from your last place of residence Valid for 6 months. Required for applicant, spouse and any children age 15 to 25.
  2. Birth Certificate required for applicant, spouse, and all dependent children 9 up to 18 years old or up to 25 if a University student. Proof of enrollment required.
  3. Marriage Certificate if spouse wishes residency). Proof of divorce is not needed.

ALL THE ABOVE DOCUMENTS (other than those obtained in Costa Rica) MUST BE:

  1. Notarized by a local notary of public if they do not have an official government seal. If in doubt about the need to have it notarize, check with the Costa Rican Office of our associate.
  2. Authenticated by the Costa Rican consul in the country where the document was issued.

Your signature must NOT appear in the notarization of the document. Residency PROGRAM- COSTA RICA. Costa Rican residency Status for Foreigners.

There are several options if you are considering becoming a resident of Costa Rica. Pensionados, Rentistas and Resident Investors can claim their spouses and children under 18 as dependents. A child between the age of 18 and 25 can be a dependent if he/she is enrolled in a university. Pensionado Source of Income- Minimum income US$600/month (or equivalent) per month from a qualified retirement plan or pension source, such as a government pension. The qualifying income must be for the applicant only.

  • Pensionados - proof of a pension of at least Eur600/month stating that it is for life and that it will be paid in Costa Rica.
  • For pensions from the US Social security it s easier to obtain the certification at the US Embassy in Costa Rica.
  • Pensions from other government agencies (all countries) must have a letter stating that the government pays the pension.
  • Pensions from other institutions must have a statement verifying the type of institution paying the pension. Rentista Source of Income - From an investment such as a certificate of deposit or annuity that will generate income of at least US$1,000 per month (US$12,000 per annum). An approved financial institution (in a foreign country or in Costa Rica) must guarantee in writing that:

    a) They hold sufficient funds in a stable and permanent account to provide an income of US$1,000 per month for at least five years and on going five-year periods.
    b) If the financial conditions above change the financial institution agrees to notify the Instituto Costarricense deTurismo.
    c) The monthly income will be sent to the rentista in Costa Rica.
    d) Qualifying funds are in the name of the applicant. Deposits in state owned banks are government guaranteed without limit.

Other requirements for both Pensionados and Rentistas

  1. Income must be changed into colones at a government bank or an approved private bank in Costa Rica.
  2. Physical presence in Costa Rica for a minimum of 4 months each year!
  3. Renewal of identification card (carnet) every two years. The government of Costa Rica charges a US$100 tax for each renewed identification card.
  4. You and your dependents cannot earn a salary or supplant a Costa Rican in a work situation. You can own a business and or make investments.
  5. All pensionados and rentistas must submit proof of 1 and 2 above to the Costa Rican government each year.

PT Shamrock must request that all inquiries be from serious potential applicants ONLY! To find out more about any of the Costa Rican Residency Programs listed above please contact "PT Shamrock. IMPORTANT!. Please review our disclaimer so we can have a mutual understanding, prior to placing your order. Thank you