Never Expires Western Europe No Name No ID ATM Card

PT Shamrock's leprechaun has done it again

A NO Name NO ID Anonymous ATM Card!

"Anonymity is not a pernicious, fraudulent practice, but an honourable tradition of advocacy and of dissent."
- The U.S. Supreme Court upholding Americans' right to be anonymous in the landmark 1995 decision, McIntyre v. Ohio Elections Commission.

Important card program

PT Shamrock has secured an extremely limited supply of these NO Name NO ID ATM debit cards from a friendly country from our long time and trusted associate! It offers you "cash" all the time, any time, from hundreds of thousands of hole in the walls worldwide!

This ATM card is from one of the top banking havens in the world. A haven which happens to be located in Europe. It's a no name, no ID ATM card that is renewable after 2 years at a small cost.. This card is first class from the best banking country in the world!

Your card can be loaded by bank to bank wires. The loading fee is just 2%. Unlike most ATM cards that expire in a year or two, this anonymous card is renewable FOREVER at a nominal fee.

This bearer and totally anonymous ATM card is just Euro 2,299 for the USD denominated card. Much like a numbered account, this special ATM card comes with any name of your choosing on it! It is a totally unique product and comes fully anonymous for your total security.

You can acquire a USD denominated card, whichever you prefer. Maximum load is USD 10,000 at any one time. Card amount should not exceed that limit at any time or within any one month period. You can withdraw up to US$2,500 in a single day.

You can check your balance on-line.

Due to the extremely sensitive nature of this highly valuable and anonymous product, please DO NOT ASK for the name of the country as we will simply not reply until we receive a fully paid order. Suffice that said, the card is from a European tax haven, a nation that knows how to respect your privacy.

To obtain this highly prestigious and valuable card, all we require is an address and contact telephone number (for courier use only,) to send it to and your payment. Once we receive cleared funds and your address details, your card is sent by courier direct to you. It couldn't be faster or easier.

The card operates on the ATM system which offers more than 900,000 ATM machine worldwide for anonymous hole in the wall cash withdrawals.

This is an extremely flexible card and an even rarer opportunity, which won't last long! Big brother is tightening rules around the world, so secure your anonymous ATM card while you can.

Here's your options.

* OPEN WITHOUT ANY, repeat, ANY ID. ABSOLUTELY NO ID REQUIRED. We supply the ID and one utility bill!

* Just Euro 2,299 and we supply you with a new ATM card with the ability for you to withdraw up to 70,000 US$ (or local currency equivalent) without the bank requiring your real ID. You can do this month after month, year after year because the card is renewable after 2 years at a small cost.

* You can load your card by bank wire, MoneyGram, Union, cheque's. E-currency loads forthcoming during 2011.

* You can check balance on-line.

* Withdraw cash in total anonymity ANYWHERE, worldwide with complete confidence knowing that you identity is not known to the bank or anyone else!

* ATM card for your exclusive use without having to provide ID to acquire it. No name appears on the card, so this product is totally anonymous.

* ATM card comes from a privacy friendly community.

* Your ordering details destroyed after our money back guarantee period expires.

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* We can arrange a bearer and totally anonymous Euro or USD denominated ATM card for just Euro 2,299 or the equivalent including courier delivery direct to you. Much like a numbered account, this special ATM card comes with a number only. No name appears on it! It is a totally unique product and comes fully anonymous for your total security. It is valid for life!

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There is a shortage of the no name no ID ATM cards. Once our allocation is sold out, we have been informed by the bank that it is unlikely additional anonymous cards will be issued.

Therefore please be advised;
In the event we do not receive your payment within 5 working days from the date you make your initial order, your order will automatically be canceled and the no name, no ID ATM card reserved for you will be sold to the next person who pays for it. Sorry no exceptions.

If you send cash, money order or a bank wire for your card, you MUST send us, PT Shamrock proof of your payment being sent in order for us to continue to reserve your card. This should include a scanned copy of your registered mail receipt, copies of your money orders, and your bank wire details, i.e. bank name and location, your name, email address of the sender, method of payment and the date you sent payment, etc.

Due to the heavy backlog of orders, please allow up to 28 working days from the time we receive cleared funds for your card order to be processed and shipped.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this matter.

Remember in order to receive expedited delivery of your card, make 100% sure you use

"No Name-NO Name Anonymous ATM Card!"

for your product code when ordering. Please indicate your preference for a USD or a Euro denominated card.

Price EUR 2,299 - including courier delivery.

Click here to order immediately from our secure on-line order form.

We accept payment by Union, MoneyGram, MoneyBookers/Skrill, BitCoin or bank to bank wires.

All orders treated strictly personal & highly confidential! See order form for full particulars!